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Laulagun Bearings’ large bearings and slewing rings typically consist of two seamless forged rings and a complement of either balls or rollers. The material of the rings is usually a carbon or alloy Steel for quenching and tempering according to EN10083 and the rolling element material is according to ISO 683-17. Both rings have mounting holes that allow the Bearing to be bolted directly to both the stationary and the rotating supporting structures.

Laulagun Bearings large bearings can be produced with an integral gear cut in one of the rings when driven by a pinion or ungeared in the other cases. The individual rolling elements are separated either by individual spacers or by segment or continuous cages which are made of either by polymers or metal.

The raceway is hardened typically by induction to a minimum of  58HRC and finished to achieve the stringent dimensional tolerances. Laulagun Bearings verifies the free-state axial, radial and tilting clearance during the final assembly process. Depending on the application, the large bearing can be produced with a certain amount of clearance or with a predetermined preload for each row.

The large bearings can be delivered with different anti-corrosive coating systems in order to meet the requested corrosion grade. They are also greased with a NGLI EP 2 grease, and the choice is confirmed for a particular application. 

Laulagun Bearings also develops and tests sealing systems to respond to the application conditions, and in order to provide a longer life and reduced friction and wear.