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1 Row Ball Bearing

Usual applications

  • Civil Works
  • Lifting appliances
  • Wind turbines
  • Others

The shape of the raceway of the four-point contact ball bearing is that of a gothic arc, where the race of each ring has two equal radii of curvature with distinct centers. Under radial, axial and tilting loads, the rolling elements will experiment a different load and operational contact angles, and the distribution depends on the external load and structural stiffness. Under tilting load, there will an increase of the maximum contact angle and a tilt of one ring with regards to the other. The raceway end can be offset to increase the maximum admissible contact angle. The single row 4-point contact ball bearings provide the best ratio bearing dynamic capacity /price. As the ball diameter increases the double row option is more competitive.
Both static and dynamic thrust capacity are significantly enhanced as the contact angle is increased.
The 4-point contact large ball Bearings are used in applications such as machinery for civil Works and lifting appliances, blade and yaw Bearings in wind turbines, general purpose machinery, etc.