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Testing and validation

Laulagun Test Center is Laulagun Bearings’ testing facility. Laulagun Test Center allows us to perform tests on our customers’ products as well as try out new developments and solutions created by Laulagun Bearings (before these are put into mass production). This means we also get to know our products better and helps us establish a cycle of continuous improvement.

Laulagun Test Center can simulate real operating conditions for large bearings and slewing rings, and for individual components of such bearings.

Its main purpose is to serve the current and future needs of our customers in developing new machines and applications. In line with this objective, it can validate new solutions that seek to respond to technological challenge.   


Do you need to test your product?

If you require any special test or validation test to be performed, contact the Laulagun Bearings technical department who will let you know what the options are and put together a proposal.