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Laulagun Bearings has two manufacturing facilities and a Test Rig.

To deliver the most competitive products in terms of quality and cost, one of the production plants, of 5,000m2, exclusively manufactures 2.5 - 10 megawatt blade and yaw bearings.

Each of the manufacturing facilities at Laulagun Bearings has all the necessary technology and people to handle high-volume orders for large bearings and slewing rings in the shortest possible time. From these facilities, Laulagun Bearings products are exported to the most demanding and competitive markets around the world.

Similarly, the Laulagun Test Center provides advanced testing services for product innovation purposes for our own products, and for the testing of customers’ products.



Harizti Industrialdea 201-E-20212
OLABERRIA (Gipuzkoa)
GPS N 43º 1´ 51.15´´ W 2º 13´ 07.05´´

Laulagun Test Center

Polígono Goardia-E- 20213
IDIAZABAL (Gipuzkoa)
GPS N 43º 0´ 48.79´´ W 2º 14´ 39.00´´

Laulagun Goardi

Polígono Goardia-E- 20213
IDIAZABAL (Gipuzkoa)
GPS N 43º 0´ 51.78´´ W 2º 14´ 39.68´´