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Laulagun was founded in 1973, starting out as a machining company for large components. However, it quickly began to manufacture large diameter special bearings and slewing rings to supply the market for cranes and lifting equipment systems. Later on, in the mid 1990s, Laulagun Bearings took its first steps into an emerging industry: wind energy. This new change in the company’s direction was to be fundamental in its consolidation and subsequent growth in the international market.

Over the years, bearing manufacture took on a gradually greater importance until finally becoming the company’s sole business activity. Thus established in the special large bearings business, it changed its trade name to Laulagun Bearings.

Committed to innovation

At the start of the 1990s, Laulagun Bearings formed a strong partnership with a technology centre highly recognized for product design and innovation. It has maintained and continues to maintain this relationship through a collaboration and exclusivity agreement.

Laulagun Bearings is currently developing solutions and investing in R&D focused on renewable energies and offshore wind energy.   

Through all this activity, Laulagun Bearings has manufactured to date over 20,000 blade and yaw bearings and slewing rings for the wind power industry and over 50,000 slewing rings for use in industrial equipment, 40,000 of these for the crane and lifting machinery sector.

Laulagun Bearings has a presence in the most competitive and demanding markets worldwide, exporting about 80% of its production


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